Born November 23rd, 1918, in the small village of Pueblo Nuevo in the Dominican Republic, Apolinar A. Jimenez began his apprenticeship in a shoe shop and worked his way to becoming one of the finest accessories’ craftsmen of his time. His passion for leather craftsmanship and shoe-making would soon become his art, profession, and legacy.

After getting married and moving to Santo Domingo, Apolinar opened his own shoe-making factory.  Apolinar was the designer, pattern maker, and artisan of all his goods, fabricating everything in his factory.  His art, work ethic, and fine attention to detail quickly became recognized by industry leaders of his time.  Major retailers such as Calzado Lama, Calzado Paris, Calzado Leon, and La Mundial, all became clients.

Apolinar passed away on March 28th, 1980 at the age of 62, leaving his legacy behind.

Thirty one years later after his death, the smell of leather still lingered in the air. Apolinar’s first American-born grandson, discovered he had a gift bestowed upon him from his grandfather. He re-launched his grandfather’s brand, and through his own vision and talent, has been able to transport his grandfather’s tradition to the modern era. Thus, Apolinar’s legacy lives on.

Apolinar takes pride in the brand, offering beautifully-constructed accessories made from quality materials. Along with unique styles and variation, customers are offered personalized customer service, since each customer is considered an extension of the Apolinar family, keeping the Apolinar tradition alive